Meet Hoppy—The Leap Frog Tours Mascot

Allow me to introduce myself.My name is Hoppy, and I am the mascot for Leap Frog Tours. Before I explain my role with the company, I would like to share a little bit about myself.My favorite thing to wear is jumpsuits, and after I play a game of croaket (my all-time favorite), there is nothing I enjoy more than drinking a nice cold croaka cola. Actually, there is one beverage I like a tad bit more and that is beer … which is great because I work for Leap Frog Tours, and we specialize in beer tours.We also do art, baseball, outdoor experience, adventure, and custom tours. Our experienced drivers can also transport you all around WNC to our lovely mountain hamlets of Sylva, Waynesville, Brevard, Black Mountain, and Weaverville as they are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Asheville and each other. Ok, for me they are just a hop and jump.I’ve tried the whole skipping thing, and I end up looking like I have had one too many of those hoppy beers that are all the rage.
Can You Find Hop…

Why Hop on a Mountain When You Can Leap into the Panorama?